Photo journal, Ireland 2018

I was recently on the Island of Ireland (I say recently, it was the end of March/start of April), for the Spring Gathering of European and Middle East Young Friends, and a little holiday. The epistle is here, and the official photos will presumably be available here eventually. In the meantime though here’s my photo journal – (almost) a photo a day from the trip


24 March – Emmie and I travelled there slow, and with wonderful company! Lucas, Lisa and Wanda joined us in London for the train to Chester, bus to Llandudno junction, train along the north Wales coast and across Anglesey (complete with request stops), one of which was the above, to Holyhead and our late night ferry to the emerald isle.


25 March – The next morning most of us made it to Churchtown meeting in Dublin, before heading on up north to Moyallon, for the start of the gathering


We did some stretching. We also did it on other days, but here’s photo evidence that it happened on the 26 March

I only took one photo on the 27th, which features, uh, my feet, some blurry people and is horribly overlit. So no photo for this day.


28 March – My birthday! We went to Belfast, and a large group of us toured the “peace walls” and murals in West Belfast. (Not pictured: my lovely vegan birthday cake, or the innumerable times I was sung happy birthday in various languages…)


29 March – The photo record confirms we had a bonfire, but not much else.


30 March – Emmie tried to take a picture of me during the living archive project workshop. That’ll show her…


The view from the meeting room at JYM, down to the beach

31 March – we went to Dublin for a visit to Eustace Street meeting house, the former meeting house (since 1982 the home of the Irish Film Institute), and a very informative bus tour, focussing on the tram/train lines of Dublin. But on the way down we went via Termonfeckin and Irish junior yearly meeting, for lunch and a joint session. Oh, and a trip to the beach, obvs.

1 & 2 April – both Emmie and I failed to take a single photo on either of these days. On the first we had a rich meeting with Moyallon Friends, easter egg hunt, singing, bible study, and much more. On the second we mainly cleaned, packed, travelled and slept, so it sorta makes sense that we didn’t take any photos…


3 April – On our full day in Dublin, we wandered out to the beach at Sandymount, before heading into town for a lovely vegan lunch at Cornucopia. Then I went to the General Post Office (GPO) to bone up on my Irish revolutionary history, before joining Hugh and Emmie in our pilgrimage to Bewley’s (formerly Quaker) cafe.


4 April – The next day we headed out west to Galway. Galway was lovely – full of cute bookshops, nook-and-cranny-pubs, colourful fisherman’s cottages, and it’s by the seeeea! The wind was pretty cutting, but the coast was beautiful.


Down on the banks of the River shannon

5 April – on this day we headed on south to Limerick. We found our Airbnb where Emmie had a nap and I headed out to explore. I constantly had the feeling that I was missing the centre of Limerick in my wanderings. Anyway, in the evening we found a nice restaurant, and then the local craft beer pub, to try some Treaty City! Ireland’s got a pretty established beer tradition, but it still has some decent craft beer if you make the effort to look for it.


St Mary’s

6 April – Our last full day, we went to the Hunt Museum to write postcards in their cafe, and then to have a look at their collection – from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, to modern stuff. I went round and then did an edited highlights tour for Emmie. Then we wandered off to have a look round the rather foreboding (and closed) St Mary’s cathedral, then St John’s Castle (from the outside – the entry fee was the most foreboding thing here..) Then back to Dublin.

7 April – Travelling back, from ferry at 8.30, getting back to Brussels at about half 10 local time – so about 13 hours total travel time, filled with Parks and Recreation, reading and napping. That also included time for a drink and dinner in London. No photos, obvs.

So that was our trip to Ireland, a photo a day. This format was rather feast and famine – some days there were only a handful of photos to chose from, and others there were a million.. How did you find it?


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    This photo journal of George’s trip to EMEYF Spring Gathering 2018 and his subsequent tour of Ireland offer a nice peek into the experience. Well worth reading for both attendees and people who missed this year’s SG. Visit his blog for more posts on Quaker life, history, music and travel.



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